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UFO Sighting in Montgomery, Alabama on March 9th 2006 – 5 Red dots movong in diamond / cross formation almost bending time in their movements. Checked w/ Maxwell Airforce Base -no flights scheduled that night. 1 other witness w/ me. As well as AF officer checking flight plan.

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I walked outside our apartment at the Village Green Apartments in Montgomery, Alabama to have a cigarette and looked up. There were almost no city light, thus, making it very clear to see. Called out to my Girlfriend (both sober) and I was awe struck. I felt an immediate connection and it came closer. My grandfather and I were Airplane buffs – he built his first plane when 17 – it flew. The motions appeared as if you you were watching a bus go east at 35 mph while a juggler walked west while juggling, but w/ perfect symmetry. The object seemed as if it dropped from 20,000′ to under 10,000′ then went back up and shot off just like in a movie to the Ne Sky into a thick constellation- if I recall correctly. My girlfriend’s father was not even phased. He was was a scientist w/ the U.S. Air force. He was like “yeah”. He almost seemed that he was aware and was considering retiring. Two weeks later I was walking into my house and my Girlfriend and Mother were sitting about 18 feet away from me. As I walked through the door a flash of White Light consumed me in 12′ to 15′ radius. They both saw it. Maybe a month or two later while visiting my mother I felt a strange sensation in my head as if my dominant eye was going from right to left. I held my hand over my eye and sure enough, I was now left eye dominant. My left hand became so much more useful but only lasted a couple of weeks. I’ve never felt comfortable about coming out and I’m not sure I ever will. I would just like answers.

I met w/ a Chineese Medicine Guru who hipnotized me in 2000 while living in Los Angeles. Afterwards I was crying and he said I’d been abducted as a child. I thought it was B.S., however, his story was just like a reoccurring dream I had be
tween the age 3 and 5 where I was in my own house w/ greys doing experiments, but I was never frightened until I woke up, because I couldn’t move for minutes and my parents would never wake up. I do remember one time where they would not wake up, but i don’t recall anything before that. I’d take a lie detector test in a heart beat. I never felt threatened by these dreams. In fact when I experienced the left eye dominance shift. I felt as if I saw the the universe and felt as if I were levitating, but perhaps not. I saw the Davinci Man and then almost a tunnel of truths and enlightenment. Everything else in the world seems insignificant now. And feel as if I’m waiting to find out something more. Please keep my info private. I’m not sure if my Ex or her father would come forward. So I don’t feel comfortable disclosing that information at this juncture. I would like to talk to a few others that have experienced this who are not full of B.S. conspiracy theorists that have been through the same thing.

Thank you for listening,
Cope Till
UFO Stalker

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Former Air Force officer claims UFOs were cover-up in Mirage Men film – Open Minds UFO News

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Open Minds UFO News
Former Air Force officer claims UFOs were cover-up in Mirage Men film
Open Minds UFO News
A former Air Force officer claims UFOs were used as a cover-up in the new UFO documentary Mirage Men. The film which originally premiered at select film festivals in June of last year will be available to rent and stream online beginning March 27th.
The only thing we have to fearSarasota Herald-Tribune (blog)

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Former Air Force officer claims UFOs were cover-up in Mirage Men film

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

A former Air Force officer claims UFOs were used as a cover-up in the new UFO documentary Mirage Men. The film which originally premiered at select film festivals in June of last year will be available to rent and stream online beginning March 27th.

The movie is based off of the 2010 book Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs by Mark Pilkington, a British journalist and filmmaker. The book asserts that the U.S. military was responsible for planting stories about UFOs to the public in order to conceal secret military projects.

The film centers around Richard Doty, a former Air Force officer who served in the Office of Special Investigation in the 1980s. Doty claims that he fed disinformation about UFOs in order to keep the public from discovering classified secret projects. He also alleges that the government has had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and that UFOs are extraterrestrial crafts. His alleged disinformation campaign came at the cost of UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz, that account can be found in the October/November 2013 issue of Open Minds magazine.

MirageMen.com describes:

How the US government created a myth that took over the world: UFOs: weapons of mass deception… For over 60 years teams within the US Air Force and Intelligence services exploited and manipulated beliefs about UFOs and ET visitations as part of their counterintelligence programmes. In doing so they spawned a mythology so powerful that it captivated and warped many brilliant minds, including several of their own. Now, for the first time, some of those behind these operations, and their victims, speak out, revealing a true story that is part Manchurian Candidate and part Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The movie is currently available for pre-order rental at a discounted rate below:

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

Mirage Men

How the US government created a myth that took over the world.

ET visitors… crashed UFOs… back-engineered alien technology… the government cover-up of a secret that would change the world as we know it…

These are the core elements of the modern UFO mythology, a story that has captivated farmers, princes and generals for generations, and shows no sign of loosening its grip on the popular imagination.

But what if, instead of covering up the UFO story, elements in the US military had actively encouraged it as part of their Cold War counterintelligence arsenal – manufacturing the myth of the UFO as a powerful weapon of mass deception and the perfect cover for all manner of clandestine technologies and operations.

Now, for the first time, some of those whose actions have directly shaped the UFO mythology, and some of their victims, tell their stories, revealing a surreal disturbing and sometimes tragic sequence of events that is part Manchurian Candidate and part Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Mirage Men draws viewers into a saucer-shaped hall of mirrors, a shadow-world where every lie contains elements of the truth, and the truth is far stranger than the UFO believers, or their detractors, would have you believe.

The post Former Air Force officer claims UFOs were cover-up in Mirage Men film appeared first on Openminds.tv.


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RAAF Base Pearce, Western Australia – UAP officer from 1973 interviewed

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

Hi all,

Recent blog readers will be aware that Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean and I, have been conducting a “cold case” investigation of the intriguing event which is reported to have happened on 25 October 1973 at the US Base at North West Cape, Western Australia.

If you have just commenced reading this blog, it would be useful to read three earlier posts on this incident. These may be found here, here and here.  This will bring you up to date on our research. Now for some new information.

Report form used in the NW Cape incident:

In an earlier post, we noted that the format (page 2) of the RAAF UAP report form used in the North West Cape incident, did not conform to the format (page 2) of forms used by RAAF Base Pearce, Western Australia, in October 1973. This suggested to us that the incident was not reported through Pearce, the nearest RAAF base with an intelligence officer, part of whose duties was to process incoming UAP reports.

The question then arose in our minds as to whether the North West Cape form came from another RAAF Base? We therefore browsed through a large number of 1973 RAAF UAP report forms, which were generated by RAAF bases in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales (as well as more from Western Australia.) None had the same format (page 2) as the forms used for reporting the North West Cape incident. The mystery of exactly where the North West Cape report form came from, remains unanswered.

Paul Dean interview:

We had previously found the name of the RAAF Base Pearce, UAP officer in 1973, on a file in the National Archives of Australia. Paul Dean recently located this individual and spoke to him by telephone. Mr Pyers, confirmed that he was indeed the RAAF Base Pearce UAP officer in 1973.

Paul then asked him if he recalled a UAP sighting from North West Cape in 1973? Pyers responded  that he did not recall such an incident. Even after Paul described the event to him, Pyers did not recall coming across it. This would appear to confirm our deduction that the North West Cape report form did not originate from RAAF Base Pearce, but from elsewhere.

Interestingly, Pyers said he was surprised that such an incident would have made it onto the RAAF system/proforma at all. He thought it would have been handled by Canberra or someone higher up.

RAAF UAP files:

The North West Cape sighting, is not on the current RAAF files series A703 control symbol 580/1/1 parts 1-35 held by the National Archives of Australia, even though they extend to the end of 1973. The papers we received courtesy of Bill Chalker, were not on these files when Bill reviewed these same files in 1982.

Harry Turner:

In 1973, Harry Turner was a physicist working in the Department of Defence’s Joint Intelligence Bureau/Joint Intelligence Organisation. Turner had a long interest in the subject of UAP, in fact since 1954 when the RAAF asked him to review their UAP files. Turner was the unofficial liaison between JI/JIO and the RAAF’s Directorate of Air Force Intelligence (DAFI.) For a detailed interview with Turner click here.

We wondered whether or not Turner had been aware of the North West Cape incident? Our understanding, via Bill Chalker, is that Turner was not aware of the incident. This, like Pyers’ comment ,suggests that the report may have been processed outside of the normal UAP reporting system. However, there remains the fact, that the sighting is recorded on what appear to be two RAAF UAP report forms!

Moira McGhee:

McGhee was a member of the civilian, Sydney based UFOIC in the 1970′s. Our understanding is that she was the individual who first received the North West Cape documents. I therefore went back to my notes of a telephone conversation I had with her on 18 January 2013. I asked Moira for her recollections of how the documents came to be in  her possession? She informed me that she had received them from a Ron Rayner, a Public Relations Officer with the RAAF.

Henry Ross Rayner:

An Internet search (click here) reveals that Henry Ross Reyner (1914-1989) was appointed to the position of director of Public Relations, Department of Air, in Canberra in 1959. In 1965 he was then appointed Director of Public Relations, Department of Defence. He retired in 1979.

So, in 1973, the date of the North West Cape sighting; and also in 1975, the year UFOIC received the documents, Rayner was indeed Director of Public Relations, Department of Defence.

Where do we go from here?

Paul Dean has been unsuccessful, in tracking down Bill Lynn, and Lt Commander Moyer, the US Navy personnel who reported the incident. Paul is still trying to locate the US Navy Base commander, whose name we located in a 1973 newspaper article. Given their ranks and ages at the time, it may be that one or indeed all three of these individuals may have already passed way.

We are continuing with a few other leads we have on this intriguing report. Any assistance from blog readers would be very much appreciated.
UFO updates

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Retired USAF officer talks about aliens and nukes, the UFO cabal, and his … – Open Minds UFO News

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

Open Minds UFO News
Retired USAF officer talks about aliens and nukes, the UFO cabal, and his
Open Minds UFO News
The time Robert Salas spent in the United States Air Force taught him many things about the UFO phenomenon. In a lecture he delivered at the September 14, 2013, meeting of the Close Encounter Research Organization International, held in Thousand Oaks 

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Retired USAF officer talks about aliens and nukes, the UFO cabal, and his abduction experience

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

By Sean Casteel and John Weigle

Robert Salas

Robert Salas (Credit: Sean Casteel)

The time Robert Salas spent in the United States Air Force taught him many things about the UFO phenomenon. In a lecture he delivered at the September 14, 2013, meeting of the Close Encounter Research Organization International, held in Thousand Oaks, California, a city just north of Los Angeles, Salas explained just what he has learned in no uncertain terms.

Salas’ lecture was entitled “The Complexity of Human Interactions with the UFO Phenomenon,” and he began by flatly declaring that craft controlled by extraterrestrial intelligences (ETI) are visiting us, are here for specific purposes, have been here for a long period of time, and have had complex interactions with humanity. In spite of the existence of a UFO Cabal that is hiding secrets about what’s happening to our planet and society, we are still in the process of becoming part of the “Cosmic Family.”

As part of his PowerPoint presentation, Salas displayed a slide that read:

  • “They (the UFO occupants) can interact/interfere with our most technologically advanced equipment.
  • “They have devices/craft that can perform in phenomenal ways that we cannot duplicate with our current state of technology.
  • “They are able to communicate and interact with humans in phenomenal ways that we cannot explain.
  • “They understand the workings of human physiology and psychology intricately well.
  • “They have been able to master ‘highly advanced’ physical concepts.
  • “They have messages for us.”
Yvonne Smith and Robert Salas

Yvonne Smith, founder of the Close Encounter Research Organization International (CERO), and Robert Salas. (Credit: Sean Casteel)

Aliens Interest in Nukes

Like everyone who serves in the Air Force in classified duties and missions, Salas signed confidentiality oaths that were legally binding. His decision to talk about a 1967 incident involving a UFO and nuclear weapons (about which more later) was prompted by an experience he had in a bookstore in 1994.

Salas found a copy of “Above Top Secret” by UFO researcher Timothy Good that contained a brief mention of UFOs being sighted at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Salas thought Good was referring to Salas’ own experience and decided it must be OK to discuss the case since Good had already made it public. Salas contacted James Klotz (who would later co-write a book with Salas called “Faded Giant”) and suggested that he file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information about the event. It turned out that the incident in Good’s book was not the one Salas had been part of but was instead a separate event that had occurred a week earlier.

Salas would eventually learn that there had been three similar incidents at Malmstrom clustered closely together at two Montana launch facilities. Salas described where he worked, the Oscar Launch Control Facility, as being contained within a capsule built below ground. The men who ran the operations there worked in 24-hour shifts and were in charge of ten nuclear-armed missiles. The Oscar and Echo facilities were close to each other at Malmstrom, which remains one of the three U.S. bases that still house nuclear missiles.

In February 1967, Lt. Don Crawford received a report that a UFO was hovering over the Echo launch facility. He authorized the immediate use of firearms, but the guard above replied that he didn’t think it would do any good.

On March 16, 1967, ten Minuteman I nuclear missiles at Echo shut down as a UFO hovered overhead. Capt. Eric Carlson, a missile control crew commander, confirmed the incident, as did others.

On March 24, 1967, Salas himself was on duty as deputy commander at the Oscar Launch Control Facility when the incident he was privy to happened. At that point in his CERO lecture, he played a recording of a phone conversation between him and Col. Frederick Miewald, the crew commander, as they discussed the incident years later. Salas said he and Miewald had differing memories about certain parts of the incident, which had taken place some 27 years prior to their conversation.

“In that time,” Salas told his audience, “the best thing to do is to try and forget if you’re not supposed to talk about something that is classified. So I made an effort just to forget the details. A lot of these details – like exactly where I was located at the time, how many missiles went down – were pretty hazy. But in time, though, all this became clear.”

Just as had happened in the Echo incident about a week before, ten missiles spontaneously shut down. A security light went on that indicated an intrusion. Guards went to check and saw a UFO hovering over the area. It was a “very frightening thing for them,” Salas said. He believes the command post had gotten to the guards very quickly because they refused to discuss the incident in the aftermath. He and the rest of the crew were summoned to the commander’s office, given a nondisclosure agreement to sign and told not to talk about what happened.

“One of the airmen called me the next day,” Salas recalled, “and just begged, literally begged, me to come and see him. This was a very daunting, frightening experience and they wanted some kind of an explanation from me. And I had to turn them down.”

More information and insider testimony from various sources would eventually come to light, according to Salas.

Salas said that a Capt. Robert Jamison, a targeting officer assigned to the 341st Missile Maintenance Squadron, confirmed that ten missiles shut down. He was called in to restart the Oscar missiles after the shutdown. Because of the number of reported shutdowns, he and his team were given instructions on what to do if a UFO was sighted. For two weeks after the incidents, they received special UFO briefings and instructions, including “self defense” measures.

Meanwhile, a telex from the Strategic Air Command headquarters said, “The fact that no apparent reason for the loss of ten missiles can be readily identified is cause for grave concern to this headquarters. We must have an in-depth analysis to determine cause and corrective action and we must know as quickly as possible what the impact to the fleet, if any.”

The Air Force’s Project Blue Book files contain a report of a landing near Belt, Montana, at the time of the incidents. But a kind of “glossing-over” seems to have become part of the official record. An Air Force publication called “Wing History” for the period of January through March of 1967 states that “Rumors of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) around the area of Echo Flight during the time of the fault were disproved. A Mobile Strike Team (MST), which had checked all November Flight’s LFs on the morning of 16 March 1967, were questioned and stated that no unusual activity or sightings were observed.” David Gamble, the wing historian who had prepared the history, said in a letter to Salas and co-author Klotz that, “There were two times when I recall where sections of the history were scrutinized and changes beyond editorial were made. One of these [times] was the UFO aspect of the missile shutdown incident. . .”

Robert Kaminski, a project team leader for civilian contractor Boeing, said he was charged with assembling a team whose objective would be to try to find out why the missiles had suddenly fallen from alert status with no explanation. When the team met with him to report their findings, it was decided that “the final report would have nothing significant in it to explain what happened.” The team went off to make their report. Meanwhile, Kaminski was contacted by another Boeing representative who told him that the incident “was reported as being a UFO event.” A few days later, Kaminski and his people were instructed to stop any further effort on the project and not to submit a final engineering report. “This was most unusual,” he said, “since all of our work required review by our customer (USAF).”

Malmstrom ICBM

Malmstrom Air Force Base missile maintenance team removes the upper section of an ICBM at a Montana missile site. (Credit: U.S. Air Force/ John Parie)

Further confirmation came from a source called “Tex,” who prefers to remain anonymous since he is currently the vice president of a prominent aerospace company. Tex said that he was working through a checklist to bring an Echo Flight missile back online when a guard called him to the surface to see a UFO hovering over the site. He returned to his work and started to bring the missile back up.

“He gets to a certain point in the checklist,” Salas said, “and the missile shuts down again. This object is still up there. In fact, he can feel the electrical energy coming down the tube right where he is. He said he felt almost like he was immersed in static electricity. But he tried this many, many times, he said, trying to bring the missile back up on alert using his checklist. When he got to this particular point on the checklist, he said, the missile shut down again.”

To Tex, whatever it was knew exactly how the missile system worked and knew it in great detail.

Having established the sequence of events of the missile shutdowns and the official investigations – or non-investigations – that followed, Salas moved on to describe what he believes are the origins and workings of the cover-up process.

He began by recounting the history of Edward Condon, who was chosen to head the University of Colorado study of UFOs. Condon had previously worked on the Manhattan Project, which produced the first atomic bombs, but resigned because of a security dispute. He was appointed head of the National Bureau of Standards in 1946, and in that same year J. Edgar Hoover accused Condon of being a Soviet spy. Condon lost his security clearance in 1951, but in 1966 he was offered reinstatement of his security clearance if he would take on the UFO study.

Lt. Col. Lewis Chase, a member of Condon’s team, was the operations officer and UFO officer at Malmstrom. Chase had a UFO experience in August 1957, and evidence was taken at the time by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The incident was classified and placed in a secret Blue Book file. While working with the Condon committee, Chase asked to see the report on his incident and Blue Book replied that it had no information. After the Condon Report was published, the committee’s chief investigator, Roy Craig, was informed by the Air Force that they had located the report of Chase’s incident, but that it remained classified. The Air Force also admitted that they had withheld other classified Blue Book files from the Condon committee.

UFO investigator Raymond Fowler also played a part in the story of the missile shutdowns. Fowler was then working for the Sylvania Corporation and was involved with the electrical systems of the Minute Man Missile System. He was an early warning advisor to Condon and told Craig about the missile incidents. Some years after the Condon report, considered an outrageously obvious whitewash by most UFO believers, was issued, Fowler risked his job by giving an interview to “The Christian Science Monitor” in 1973 about the missile shutdowns. Fowler also belonged to NICAP, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, and was outspoken on many issues related to UFOs.

“Needless to say, the Air Force was very angry about this and denied it all,” Salas said.

After briefly citing other witnesses and testimonies, Salas took up the subject of why the shutdowns may have happened in the first place. UFOs have been watching our wars, he said, beginning with the foo fighters in World War II. Next came sightings at various nuclear installations and reactors, as well as UFOs appearing in Vietnam and over other war zones, to include the appearance of a triangular-shaped object over Camp Slayer in Iraq that “just basically obliterated the sky above them.”

Historically, the Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic bombs were comparatively small but caused tremendous damage. Currently, the U.S. is believed to have some 10,000 nuclear weapons with up to 1.5 megatons of destructive power. Iran and North Korea can achieve nuclear capability now. Salas said that if the U.S. bombed Syria, it would make it easier later to bomb Iran over its nuclear programs. He also cautioned that the U.S. is risking the progress made in the New Start Treaty as well as running the risk that U.S. intervention will motivate the further proliferation of nuclear weapons in the area.

But nuclear weapons aren’t the only source of radiation problems. Salas warned that we are also “exporting” radiation out there in the universe by way of the radioisotope thermal generators in our satellites and spacecraft. Other troublesome sources include the Fukushima disaster, a fire near the Los Alamos Nuclear Facility, flooding near a Nebraska reactor, and the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986. In the latter incident, the Russian newspaper “Pravda” reported that UFOs were seen in the area before and after the event.

Salas believes the UFO occupants are sending a clear message: “You are not alone. We also live here. Eliminate your nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.”

It is worth noting that this same message was often given by the “Space Brothers” to George Adamski and many others among the earliest flying saucer contactees of the 1950s. While the credibility of the contactee movement remains very much in doubt, the continuity of the idea over the past 60 years is perhaps a testimony to its enduring relevance.

The UFO Cabal

Salas used the term “International UFO Cabal” to describe the organization behind the worldwide cover-up, whose rationale goes like this: Since UFOs and their occupants are capable of phenomenal feats that we cannot control nor defend against, we are therefore unable to protect our citizens from the phenomenon, which would result in a loss of confidence in government and our national security, thereby promoting a citizens’ panic and unwanted major changes in the established order. Therefore, there is no practical reason to verify the existence of UFOs. It would instead be in our best interest to evaluate these objects in secrecy in order to obtain and analyze their advanced technology for our own purposes.

Salas said that such an organization would require a variety of functions, such as financial, facilities/equipment, artifact retrieval operations, foreign operations/liaisons, analyses, evaluation, security operations, interpretation, integration and industry liaison. The cabal has access to the real facts, operates under a safe umbrella of extreme government secrecy, and its efforts to promote public ridicule of the phenomenon and the spread of disinformation have been effective.

But those fighting for disclosure have made some gains, Salas continued. There have been significant UFO incidents, supported by multiple witnesses and other evidence, which have captured public interest. More credible witnesses are speaking out, to include press conferences held sporadically in Washington, D.C., throughout the years since 2001.

And what is the logic that dictates that disclosure would be a good thing for humanity? Salas displayed a slide which read:

  • “The advanced science that the UFO phenomenon brings impacts our lives and our future.
  • “ET has specific objectives regarding humanity, therefore it is the people’s business to deal with the ET presence.
  • “Extreme secrecy in government is progressively corruptive and has a significant impact on our democracy.”

He went on to list things that are counterproductive and productive to disclosure. On the counterproductive side of the table are things like the focus or promotion of lights in the sky, photographs, unverifiable rumor, innuendo and conjecture, and falling into the disinformation trap. It would be much more productive, Salas said, to focus on and promote credible cases and witnesses, while also requiring an accountability for witnesses and their statements, more and better collaboration, accurately informing the public through various media, encouraging more witnesses to come forward, formulating cohesive hypotheses from credible testimonies, and engaging the public, media and elected officials in the discussion of this reality.

Salas’ Abduction Encounter

Robert and Marilyn Salas with Dr. Roger Leir.

Robert Salas with his wife, Marilyn Salas, and Dr. Roger Leir. (Credit: Sean Casteel)

After making his case for the cover-up and possible future disclosure, Salas told the story of another personal encounter with the UFO occupants. In 1985, when he lived with his wife Marilyn and their two children in Manhattan Beach, California, he saw a blue light emanating from the living room as he lay in bed. It was an unusual shade of blue and was glowing. He woke up his wife and she also saw the blue light. Salas tried to get up to investigate but suddenly realized he was unable to move.

“I remember fighting very hard to get my mobility back,” he recounted. “I couldn’t move anything. I couldn’t move my arms, my legs. I fought and fought. I fought because I had two small kids in the house and, of course, my wife.”

He tried to get Marilyn to help him but she was now unconscious. He saw someone in the doorway that appeared to be wearing a hood and had no discernible face. He next floated off the bed toward the locked bedroom window, which he felt certain they would be unable to unlock. Nevertheless, he went through the window in an upright position and was taken onboard a craft. He was shown a needle, eight to twelve inches in length, which was inserted into one of his testicles in order to collect semen. The pain was excruciating, and when Salas complained to his abductors, the pain suddenly ceased. This was followed by a physical checkup in which his back seemed to be of primary interest. He next remembers moving through a curved hallway and seeing a bright light before suddenly finding himself back in his bed.

Salas at first had no conscious recall of most of what happened that night. He was able to piece together the experience after working with three different hypnotherapists. A couple of weeks after his abduction, while it was still submerged in his memory, he recalls working in his yard and thinking to himself, I’ve been in space.

There are other elements in the aftermath of the experience that feel more like a dream or a vision to Salas. He recalls a large, black, oval, glassy eye with a rim around it; Marilyn in a large room being trained and “working” on a large metal box; a large tabletop screen with some sort of plan for Earth, activities and locations; and a doctor dressed in black who looks into a box containing instruments.

The experience continues to be very real for Salas and he does not doubt that it actually happened. He said he was speaking about it publicly because he thinks it is important to take alien abduction seriously.

Citing cases like that of abductee Betty Andreasson Luca and her visit to see an apparently high-ranking alien called “The One,” an experience also reported by a representative of a UFO group in Peru, Salas said, “We cannot simply exclude or limit the extent of what we call paranormal. We can’t exclude anything in this area. It’s a very complex area. I mean, the whole UFO phenomenon is very complex.”

Before concluding his lecture at the September CERO meeting, Salas had some final stories that could imply his own possible contacts with the UFO Cabal.

In 1969, when Salas was working on his bachelor’s degree in engineering at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (which he said he could have easily done at Malmstrom AFB in Montana, expressing puzzlement as to why he was sent to Wright-Patterson to begin with), he was ordered to visit the base psychiatrist’s office. Wright-Patterson was the headquarters for Project Blue Book and is rumored to house the bodies of dead aliens and the debris from the Roswell crash.

In any case, Salas reported as ordered, but refused to go into the office unless the psychiatrist would come out and explain to him why he had been summoned. He was never informed of the reason for the required visit, but was finally told he did not have to submit to an interview. He now feels it may have been an attempt to get a psychiatric visit on his military records because of his prior experiences with UFOs, or it may have been part of the process for recruiting him into the UFO Cabal.

While on a commercial flight in 1972, after he had left the Air Force, Salas met a former Air Force classmate who said, “You’ll never guess what I’ve been flying.”

“And I told him,” Salas recalled, “just joking, I said, ‘UFOs?’ He turned white as a sheet and whispered in my ear and said, ‘MiGs.’”

Salas explained that the Air Technical Intelligence Center was organized at the end of World War II to study MiG technology, the Russian aircraft. But MiG was also a code word for UFOs used in Blue Book. Salas never saw or heard from his former classmate again, but he believes their “chance meeting” was indicative of the fact that the Air Force was experimenting with UFO-related technology and may have been another attempt by the Cabal to reach out to him.

But however massive and deeply entrenched the UFO Cabal is, we must fight against it, Salas urged.

“I believe that the truth cannot be suppressed indefinitely,” he said.

Robert Salas is the author of “Faded Giant,” with James Klotz, and “Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon.” Some of the details in “Faded Giant” turned out to be incorrect and are clarified in “Unidentified,” but the basic story remains the same.

Sean Casteel and John Weigle are the co-authors, along with Timothy Beckley, of the book “Disclosure! Breaking Through The Barrier Of Global UFO Secrecy.” To read more by Sean Casteel, visit his website at www.seancasteel.com.


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UFO researcher masquerades as ASIO officer

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

Hi all,

I have just had another RAAF UAP file digitised by the National Archives of Australia. File series J63, control symbol 5/40/Air Part 2 is titled “Reports on Unidentified Flying Objects.” It originated with RAAF base Townsville and has a date range of 1971 to 1974. It is a 331 page file.

The file is a mix of reports of low level interest lights in the sky with a couple of more interesting reports. I summarise two of these in this post:

18 June 1971. Burketown, Queensland.

At 6.38pm, according to a report from the Burketown police, to the Naval Intelligence Centre, a UFO was seen by several residents. It was an “illuminous cigar shaped object”, orange into red colour and then a “clear light colour.” It was seen to the west, on the southerly side of the setting Sun. The sky was clear. It travelled north to south along, and above the horizon. It travelled slowly, became momentarily stationary; then lost altitude; then changed to an easterly course. Moments later it changed to a south-west course. It disappeared into the south-west. Total duration was 17 minutes.

The police report was signed by Sgt 2/c W G Boon and stated in part, “The circumstances of the sighting are regarded as unusual and cannot be explained here.” There were no aircraft in the area at the time.

4 January 1974 Townsville, Queensland.

At 8.50pm, weather observer Leslie William Onley, was using a met. radar type 277F at the Townsville aerodrome.

He observed an unusual radar trace bearing 280 degrees, elevation 85-87 degrees. He stated “There are no signals in this area at 11 nautical miles/66,000 ft high. Aerial 85 to 90 degrees elevation.”

Heightwise, “First sighted 66000 ft descended to 4600 ft in ten minutes.”

To the question “Describe any deviation or manoeuvres” he responded “Slight spiral through 280 deg to 360 deg north to 140 deg.”

It was last observed by radar at 85/90 deg elevation on a bearing of 140 deg. “Heavy pulsing of all radar scanners plus “A” scan blotted trace radar parked and turned down.”

A hand written note, signed by Onley reads:

“Radar scan noted 40 deg arc, from 90 deg down to 50 deg. This particular radar does not go over 90 deg elevation. Azimuth arc measured 40 deg, also clear cut signal. Dimension on “A” scan – range 2,500 yards through target. First sighted 66,000 ft tracked to 4600 ft.

“When heavy pulsing on all scans blotted out signal, and radar was parked and rapidly turned down.”

The RAAF investigating officer typed:

“Mr Onley estimates that the actual length of the echo was about 2,500 yards.”

DCA radar technicians suggested that the radar may have experienced a period of “heavy pulsing” during the range wind down stage. Mr Onley is quite certain that this was not the case and the radar has not displayed this type of malfunction since the unusual echo was sighted.”

The RAAF’s conclusion was “…the most probable cause of the unusual contact on the radar was the effect of anomalous propagation.”


On this file is an unusual Department of Air Minute paper dated 21 August 1973, that reads:

“1. Contacted today by (name on the file) ASIO…concerning a Mr John West ostensibly a member of the “UFO Shadow Project.”

2. West claims to be an investigating officer but he interests ASIO because he has masqueraded as an ASIO officer.

3. Any information on contact with West is to be passed to Brian asap.

4. West is reported to be in Cairns.”

The document is signed by W G Canniffe, Flg Offr AIR 4.

Have any blog readers any information on “John West?”

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