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UFO Sighting in Montgomery, Alabama on March 9th 2006 – 5 Red dots movong in diamond / cross formation almost bending time in their movements. Checked w/ Maxwell Airforce Base -no flights scheduled that night. 1 other witness w/ me. As well as AF officer checking flight plan.

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I walked outside our apartment at the Village Green Apartments in Montgomery, Alabama to have a cigarette and looked up. There were almost no city light, thus, making it very clear to see. Called out to my Girlfriend (both sober) and I was awe struck. I felt an immediate connection and it came closer. My grandfather and I were Airplane buffs – he built his first plane when 17 – it flew. The motions appeared as if you you were watching a bus go east at 35 mph while a juggler walked west while juggling, but w/ perfect symmetry. The object seemed as if it dropped from 20,000′ to under 10,000′ then went back up and shot off just like in a movie to the Ne Sky into a thick constellation- if I recall correctly. My girlfriend’s father was not even phased. He was was a scientist w/ the U.S. Air force. He was like “yeah”. He almost seemed that he was aware and was considering retiring. Two weeks later I was walking into my house and my Girlfriend and Mother were sitting about 18 feet away from me. As I walked through the door a flash of White Light consumed me in 12′ to 15′ radius. They both saw it. Maybe a month or two later while visiting my mother I felt a strange sensation in my head as if my dominant eye was going from right to left. I held my hand over my eye and sure enough, I was now left eye dominant. My left hand became so much more useful but only lasted a couple of weeks. I’ve never felt comfortable about coming out and I’m not sure I ever will. I would just like answers.

I met w/ a Chineese Medicine Guru who hipnotized me in 2000 while living in Los Angeles. Afterwards I was crying and he said I’d been abducted as a child. I thought it was B.S., however, his story was just like a reoccurring dream I had be
tween the age 3 and 5 where I was in my own house w/ greys doing experiments, but I was never frightened until I woke up, because I couldn’t move for minutes and my parents would never wake up. I do remember one time where they would not wake up, but i don’t recall anything before that. I’d take a lie detector test in a heart beat. I never felt threatened by these dreams. In fact when I experienced the left eye dominance shift. I felt as if I saw the the universe and felt as if I were levitating, but perhaps not. I saw the Davinci Man and then almost a tunnel of truths and enlightenment. Everything else in the world seems insignificant now. And feel as if I’m waiting to find out something more. Please keep my info private. I’m not sure if my Ex or her father would come forward. So I don’t feel comfortable disclosing that information at this juncture. I would like to talk to a few others that have experienced this who are not full of B.S. conspiracy theorists that have been through the same thing.

Thank you for listening,
Cope Till
UFO Stalker

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An Australian contactee – Peter Maxwell Slattery

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

Hi all,

I’d like to start off this post by thanking my co-blogger, Pauline Wilson, for all the hard work she has put into making this a successful blog. I will miss her insightful comments, as well as the expressive ways that she reported on the mundane topic of Adelaide’s weather.

In my own blog posts I have focused mainly on a number of specific projects. These have included researching material from the National Archives of Australia; cold cases; and from time to time such areas as contactees. In Pauline’s absence, and due to reader feedback which has shown other areas are of interest to you, I will also be reporting on new books and items from a variety of magazines and journals. Pauline’s vision for the blog was that it would not simply copy items from elsewhere, but wander over topics that took her interest, stopping here and there to explore, think, and comment. I like that philosophy and intend to follow it in my future posts.

Now to today’s topic which is an Australian “contactee” named Peter Maxwell Slattery.

Australian Peter Maxwell Slattery has recently published two books titled “My Awakening” Parts 1 and 2.

Part 1:

“My Awakening is an account of my own paranormal and UFO experiences over the time since I was 12. In this book I document the time line of my experiences from witnessing apparitions, to seeing alien space crafts which are also known as UFOs. Come and join me on my journey into the unknown and my life changing ride, which has shaped and moulded the person I am today. Skeptic or not, my story with photographic evidence to some of my experiences will make you think. Also some names have been withheld and altered to protect their identities. So in saying that, sit back, relax and have an open mind. This is my personal UFO story.”

Part 2:

“The story continues in “My Awakening Part 2″ of my paranormal experiences with other worldly beings. In this book I document the time line of my experiences from seeing alien space craft which are also known as UFOs, to messages from a 5th dimensional being. This story when put together with other legitimate UFO and paranormal cases makes for the most important story ever told to mankind. So come and join me on my journey into the unknown and my life changing ride, which has shaped and moulded the person I am today. Skeptic or not, my story with photographic evidence to some of my experiences, will make you think. So in saying that, sit back, relax and have an open mind. This is my story, part 1.”

A third book:

The website also reveals that there is a third book, written by Peter, and  titled “The History of Man: An Alien civilisation.” ” This book is about man’s connection to the stars, how our existence came about and how knowledge was seeded on earth in man with an alien connection. In this book you will read what has been found during investigations of all types that point to man being in contact with aliens for thousands of years. It is now estimated that between 200 and 400 billion planets exist just in our galaxy alone. So to think we are alone would be so delusional.”

Further information:

The website contains other information which expands on Peter and his thoughts:

* Peter was born in 1983
* He started having experiences in 1995
* He currently lives in Albury, New South Wales, Australia
* At age 18, near prime he saw a big light the size of a small aircraft, “flying uncontrollably over Glenroy”
* He founded the group “Investigators For The Truth”
* In November 2010 he “captured video footage of a UFO over Nail Can Hill in Albury three times in the past month”
* He took a photograph at Beechworth which shows the ghost of a young girl outside the old jail
* He investigated reports of a “shadow man” walking in and  out of the main entrance to the Yackandandah cemetery
* At Albury TAFE he saw a “ghost believed to be of a person who slipped and died on a staircase.”

Shi-Ji from Merope:

On one page of the website titled “Pete’s Story” we learn:

“Since 1995 Peter Maxwell Slattery has witnessed many UFOs and shadow men (which are also known as ghosts). he has also had encounters with the Greys, light blue light beings (which are a race of beings named “Elohim”) and a 5th dimensional ethereal being called Shi-Ji, from the star Merope in the Pleiades.

Pete says that Shi-Ji is helping him raise his vibration frequency and that she is also awakening him to who he really is. He has been told by Shi-Ji, that he and others, all around the world, are to help raise the vibrational frequency of others and to help educate people in the E.T. reality and the spirit realm. Doing this he is told, will help awaken people for the coming spiritual and earth changes that have already started to take place.

Also he has had an insight into how God, Angels, Ghosts, UFOs, Science and all religions and the universe are all connected.”


1. Peter’s website may be found here
2. Further information about Peter and his expereinces may be found here


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The Awakening – Maxwell Igan 4 of 5

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO Documentaries

Jordan Maxwell – La Toma del Poder del Planeta Tierra (1 17) – Proyecto Camelot.mp4

Written by Seraphin. Posted in Exopolitics

Tales of the Hawk tells the story of a Retired Air Force Colonel who worked at the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base which has been confirmed as a depository for recovered crash debris of extraterrestrial origin. His story is about his own “cover up” experiences. Dr Macabbee is one of the original developers of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and was instrumental in establishing the Fund for UFO Research. The X-Conference is pleased to welcome UFO Researcher and Physicist Bruce Maccabee, PhD The X-Conference is produced by X-PPAC (Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee) and The Paradigm Research Group, who’s mission is to educate Congress, the Press and the Public about the Government imposed “Truth Embargo” and to bring about formal acknowledgment by the US Government of an Extraterrestrial presence engaging the Human Race – Full Disclosure. UFOTV is pleased to present what will be all of the presentations that were given by all the invited speakers at each of the X-Conference events. Stay tuned as we continue to upload further video coverage. We apologize for the commercials during this online presentation. As stated on our main channel page, the advertising revenue from this program helps to cover the heavy production costs of putting on the yearly X-Conference event. DVDs from this historic and ongoing X-Conference event will be available shortly. Go to www.UFOTV.com. Keyword – “X-Conference

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Jordan Maxwell says he is “Protected by Freemasons”

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO Sightings

Is Jordan Maxwell an initiated shill for the Illuminati? He spreads lies mixed with truth, and that’s how these disinformation agents work. They grab you with a hook, and before you know it, you are doing what the NWO wants you to do. Think about it, has studying occult books given you any ammo against the NWO? They don’t PUBLISH anything that you could use against them. Let’s flush out these agent provocateurs for good. Peace with you and keep seeking the truth! Evidence against Sitchin/Maxwell/Zeitgeist on the Web: Michael Heiser on Why Sitchin is Wrong (Jordan Maxwell uses Sitchin’s info for basis) www.sitchiniswrong.com sitchiniswrong.com www.michaelsheiser.com www.tektonics.org www.preventingtruthdecay.org www.abovetopsecret.com www.thedevineevidence.com zeitgeistchallenge.com Before you come to a conclusion about Sitchin/Maxwell, watch these videos: Zecharia Sitchin is a FRAUD – Says Author of “Dead Men’s Secrets” Jonathan Gray www.youtube.com Michael S. Heiser, Ph.D. – Zecharia Sitchin is a FRAUD! www.youtube.com Jonathan Gray – Zecharia Sitchin is a FRAUD, proved by Sumerian Dictionaries www.youtube.com Zeitgeist Challenge Playlist www.youtube.com Jordan Maxwell EXPOSED- LUCIFERIAN just like the NWO!! www.youtube.com Jordan Maxwell Debunked (1 of 7) www.youtube.com Mystery Schools – The Externalization of the Hierarchy (1 of 2) www.youtube.com David Icke & Jordan Maxwell – Controlled by “Evil Entities” – It’s admitted – Part 1 of 2 www.youtube.com David Icke
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Jordan Maxwell — The Dark Side Part 2/4

Written by Seraphin. Posted in Alien Implants

A Powerpoint presentation given before a large audience in Santa Clara, California, which dealt with the sometimes funny, sometimes fearful symbols of British royalty, church hierarchy, and world governments. Some of the well-known biblical symbols are also looked at in this presentation.

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