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“Who Forted?” Presents: Highlights from the Chicago Ghost Conference

Written by Seraphin. Posted in MUFON

The “Who Forted?” Collective visits the 2009 Chicago Ghost Conference to mingle with the guests and get their opinions on the state of the paranormal field. This highlight reel includes interviews with ScottL of Ghostly Talk Radio, Michigan MUFON Head Bill Konkolesky, Tony Hart-Wilden of ChasingMidnight.com, Jason Korbus and Bobby Nelson of Strange Frequencies Radio and Phase 3 Paranormal, author and radio show host Joshua P. Warren, “Ghost Box” Researcher Jeff Rezman, and appearances by Paranormal State’s Lorraine Warren, A&E’s Paranormal Cops, and more! There’s also a hilarious attempt by Darkness Radio’s Dave Schrader and the convention management to keep the guests from talking with “Who Forted?”, but it backfires when the guests openly explain the situation… in the interviews that they all-too-happily gave us. Like the tune? It’s “I Can’t Help It” by the Young Werewolves. WWW.WHOFORTEDBLOG.COM

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“Who Forted?” Interviews Bill Konkolesky of MUFON’s Michigan Chapter

Written by Seraphin. Posted in MUFON

The “Who Forted?” Collective sits down with the Michigan State Director of the Mutual UFO Network at the Chicago Ghost Conference to learn more about MUFON, hear about his personal experiences with alien abduction, and get his views on the connections between seemingly unrelated paranormal phenomena. For more great interviews from the 2009 Chicago Ghost Conference, plus tons of other videos, exclusive interviews, and articles by the best and brightest in the paranormal field, visit the web’s greatest paranormal ‘zine at whofortedblog.com!

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