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UFO over Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport exposed [video] – Examiner.com

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UFO over Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport exposed
On January 5, 2012, several videos surfaced online that claimed to show a UFO hovering above China's Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The videos alleged that the UFO had caused flights at the airport to be diverted or canceled,

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The Chinese Chengdu military airplane nighttime sky presently the unidentified flying object China Air Force drives away

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A Chinese
Four ??unidentified flying object?? in Chengdu urban district northwest direction upper air aerosol, after assuming the triangle arrangement turns a line, the entire process has continued dozens of minutes at least. Last night, Chengdu resident Mr. Xiao said about 9:20 pm, in the Chengdu three ring circuit four section of sky discovery unidentified flying object, caused the numerous residents surround, Mr. Xiao used the camera to record immediately down. four luminescent spot aerosol Chengdu sky dozens of minute that evening, Mr. Xiao rides the motorcycle from the Qingcheng to return to Chengdu, when way three ring circuit gold cow grade separation, on the back seat friend discovered on the nighttime sky to have several dazzling luminescent spots, afterward, two people made dozens of unidentified flying object pictures in the roadside with the camera. ??will not be the airplane, because will not have the sound, the shape completely will also not look like!??Said that once had many year aviation work experience’s Mr. Xiao to tell reporter.Reporter in the picture which transmits from Mr. Xiao saw that more than four color luminescent spots mainly by red, white, green tricolor constitution, is dazzling in the nighttime sky, will have the change in the different time color. In he shoots in the feature article picture, the unclear flying object demonstrated that has eight angles. Mr. Xiao said that the naked eye looks straight ahead these luminescent spots, slightly obviously dazzling, but does not have any sound, after the platoon becomes the monowing type, middle two have been moving, but both sides two throughout have not moved. ??we have photographed several minutes in the roadside, until leaves, four luminescent spots did not have vanishing.?? except four unidentified flying object which pats, as explained by him, but also two have not patted, another two flying object’s luminescent spot assumes the cruciform distribution, the forehead has two searchlights, flies away very quickly toward the northwest direction. Depending on Mr. Xiao the visual observation, ??with another four compared to, these two is near to the ground, has the possibility is the military airplane.?? Chengdu Meteorological bureau: That time interval, that position non-meteorology detecting instrument Reporter the telephone interview Chengdu Meteorological bureau, staff Mr. Liao told reporter afterward, that position that time interval is impossible to present the Meteorological department to use for to survey the weather the aerological ascent instrument. ??only then Wenjiang will fixed time put the balloons, but Wenjiang will be in Chengdu urban district West, but the Meteorological department will deflate likely the sounding set also often before 7:00 pm.??

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