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Part 4 – The whole range of human experience isn’t just cataloged in a library [NPR AUDIO 9-24-2010]

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Part 4 - The whole range of human experience isn't just cataloged in a library [NPR AUDIO 9-24-2010]Shiloh is a Newbery Medal-winning children’s novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor published in 1991. The 65th book by Naylor, it is the first in a trilogy about a young boy and the title character, an abused dog. Naylor decided to write Shiloh after an emotionally taxing experience in West Virgina where she encountered an abused dog. Narrator and protagonist Marty Preston lives in the hills of Friendly, West Virginia. After finding an abused beagle owned by his brutal neighbor Judd Travers, Marty de

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Authors@Google: Rick Steves

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Join the travel expert–acclaimed for his bestselling guidebook series, public television series, and public radio shows–as he shares all the latest in smart European travel. Freshly back from lots of travels, Rick Steves explains the practical, money-saving ins and outs of independent travel. His 60-minute seminar is packed with tips on getting the most out of every mile, minute, and dollar on your next trip. Rick Steves, PBS-TV host and author of 30 guidebooks including the travel skills handbook, Europe through the Back Door, shares lessons hes learned from a lifetime of travel. His entertaining, information-packed one-hour slideshow lecture will teach you all the latest on stretching your travel dollar, avoiding crowds, packing smart, and eating and sleeping well. When hes ripped off on the road, he celebrates, happy to go home and teach his traveling students about the latest scam. Learn from his mistakes rather than your own. After spending a third of his adult life living out of a rucksack in Europe, Rick knows exactly how you can enjoy maximum travel thrills for every mile, minute, and dollar in your next adventure. Rick Steves visits Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters as part of the Authors@Google series.
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UFO’s from Russia, Moscow 15.12.2009 city area: Goliyanovo – Baykalskaya 43, Ruslan Brovkin.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Authors@Google: Michael Hanlon

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Despite our recent advances into the depths of space and the inner most-workings of the atom, some of the most often asked questions in science remain mysteries, even to the dedicated scientists committed to finding answers. Here, Michael Hanlon, the Science Editor for Britain?s Daily Mail, identifies ten such questions and explains why we find these problems so compelling, including: How does time really work, and do we even understand it? Am I the same person I was a minute ago, even as all the atoms in my body are being replaced? What is the other 96% of the earth made of? Does the paranormal exist? Written with a profound understanding of the sciences involved, Hanlon manages to speak to readers with no particular knowledge of science but who are deeply inquisitive about the natural world.

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