Security Camera showing strange objects

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I installed a two security camera system due to someone getting into my wifes car in Feb of this year. This is a pccard system by Geovision that records video to harddisk. These are the exact cameras I purchased. I needed good IR for night vision because it gets pretty dark.


It is a separate system from my normal every day pc. The monitor for it sits right next to mine. The first night installed was Feb 20th. I had it on motion detect just adjusting the software settings. The next day I went to look at the vidoes. There was only a couple. A few cars and something else. When I played the last video I saw a bright object zig zagging. When I first saw it I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I assumed it was a bug or someone with a laser pen. I ruled a bug out because these are infrared cameras. The bugs I see whiz by but really arent that bright. Some are slow and you can see them flapping their wings. As far as a lazer pen I haven’t tested this. The cameras at night however are pretty much invisible from the street. This video is the one labled Event20110220.

Just last night I was sitting on my pc with the security monitor on and it flashed brightly. It made me jump. After reviewing the video I was shocked. Not sure what this is but slowing it down frame by frame it seems to change shape. This video is called smooth orb and has the date and time stamped in the video.

I plan to install 2 more cameras to see if I can catch more of these.


George Venner

UFO Stalker

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