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I think the video here speaks for itself, and is narrated. This footage was taken June 31st 2011 about a random beanfield in Mankato. I would appreciate it if you add “Anomalous aircraft” to “shape of objects” section. This appears to be the number one type of UFO sighting. I am stumped as to why it is not a choice as of yet.

Dm(Dept of Defence?) stated in his correspondence that all objects in my videos are identifiable and non spiritual. Since they are “IFOs” now, I believe transparency would benefit those of us who are filming these anomalies. You see if someone told us what they were, we may stop filming them. Ya dig??? No explaination was or is offered, and that appears a bit shady on Mufon’s part. This is just my opinion. Thank you,
Oh, please respect my anonymity, and please do not contact authorities, just a reminder. UFOZMANKATO

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