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UFO Sighting in Peterborough, Ontario on July 7th 2013 – i saw this bright looking fireball silently gliding across the sky, about 100 ft away from me, maybe 50-60ft off the ground. NO sound at all…it moved silently then poof! looked like it burned up in flames and disappeared

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This thing really freaked me out the first time I saw it. I was alone, and sober, and it was bright like a whitish light, silent, there was no sound at all coming from it, I was close enough to it that I could see the details of it…..it literally looked like a plastic bag air balloon, and thats what i thought it was, but it was breezy out, and a bag would have been erratically floating through the air. this was on a steady 5k/hr speed, straight line. I watched it fly over downtown Peterborough towards the west end. it then got really bright like it caught on fire, and it was gone. I thought it was weird, but I forgot about it. Then it happened again 2 weeks later, and this time it flew right over me as i was walking through a park in the same area I had previously saw it. It was really close again, and looked like a grocery bag…as it passed over me, silently, it imploded again and disappeared. This time i told a friend about it, cause i was really freaked out. She ended up seeing it with me one night when we were walking downtown near the water. It was heading west, as it always had been when I initially saw it. She thought it was super weird and it gave her a creepy feeling, same way it affected me. I saw it once more after that, but I was in a car, and I wasn’t able to follow it. I checked our local weather to see if it could be a weather balloon or something, but there was no launches of material from them.
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UFO Sighting in Fresno, California on April 15th 2014 – I saw something that I cannot explain on 4/15/14. craft changed colors and manuvered like no known technology. caught 2 pictures, please examine and tell me what this is?!

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At approximately 9-10pm on April 15th 2014 I was at the local park clearing my head and looking at the stars when I had noticed something in the sky, N, NW – at a high altitude. Initially I dismisseunbelievable I mean I object as a plane as it had a bright white lead light…then it changed toblue, then a silver blue, to red…not unusual, the plane must be banking I thought…but it remained to be stationary not moving from its position in the sky, so maybe it’s a helicopter I think to myself..A very short time later (1-2) min later the object began to display characteristics in flight of a technology that does not exist on earth at least in the public eye – the craft looked as if it fell a few hundred feet in approximately 1-2 seconds then hovered changed colors, and began an erratic dance like flight pattern where it would rapidly descend hover head west stop on a dime and change direction back to the east, ascend very rapidly then drop below the tree line and even the roof line, and change direction like nothing on earth can – it looked as if a child playing with a toy airplane – it’s movement was absolutely astonishing…I kept yelling “what the f is that!?” Then I noticed that another person was in the middle of the park looking on in disbelief and yelling just as I was I got their phone number just because this was so unbelievable as it took place not in the wee small hours of the morning, no but at about 10pm, and not in some rural area but in a major city over a heavily populated area.
-I was able to capture 2 pictures with my cell phone that I just noticed yesterday – the day after the event…see my brain blocked out the experience for a the better part of the day as this was so unbelievable, I mean I watch these stories on tv, never thought I would be telling one let alone have captured pictures of the object.
-any how, I have 2 pictures of the object. PLEASE examine them and let me know what I saw – was this someone with a rc helicopter..or did I see something much more difficult to explain…I am not crazy, nor am I an attention whore, just a very unsettled person who needs help understanding what he saw.

Thank you for your attention
Chris Mahackian
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Current Events/ Angels

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First Half: Analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy, Craig Hulet, talks about the Nevada ranch standoff and other current events.

2nd Half: Experts on auras, human energy and reincarnation, Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis will discuss their latest work on communicating with the divine, and various types of angels, as well as the nature of evil and the importance of spiritual protection. They’ll also describe methods to hone psychic powers, enhance spiritual visions, and identify our innate clairvoyance.

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