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Latest Science News Links- Sun Mission, Invisibility Cloak, NYC Shuttle Shame, Pop Quiz!

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Current NEWS Links
         for Star Date 2011.10.5

Europe to lead daring Sun mission

[Europe is to lead the most ambitious space mission ever undertaken to study the behaviour of the Sun.]

Y’all be careful now, ya hear?  I hear there is a huge ‘mother-ship’ lurking near the sun!


Researchers Create Functional Invisibility Cloak Using ‘Mirage Effect’

[Researchers have created a working invisibility cloak using one of nature’s common yet bizarre phenomena -- the “mirage effect.”
The new design from the University of Dallas was demoed on YouTube and even has an on and off switch -- and it's best used underwater.]

How much time do you spend under water?


Texans urge NASA to take retired shuttle away from New York

[Houston to New York: Displaying a retired space shuttle near a strip joint is no way to treat a precious space artifact.]

Shame, shame on you, New York!


How much do you know?

Quantum Mechanics Theories and Concept

Is this a parallel universe? Take the quiz!

You tell me your score and I’ll tell you mine. ;-)


UFO updates

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We Have the Wrong Roswell Crash Site?

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This one is so funny that I have to laugh. I got into a discussion with someone about the location of the debris field as described by Bill Brazel. I was told that I had the wrong location.
How can this be?
Bill Brazel took me there himself.
It was early morning and we, and by we, I mean Don Schmitt and I, meant Brazel at a café in Capitan. He was driving an old red pickup and we left my car at the café. As we drove out of town, Brazel asked us if we wanted a beer. Don said he didn’t and I thought that one of us ought to have one with Brazel so I said, “Sure.”
Ah, there is nothing I like more than warm beer at eight o’clock in the morning.
Anyway, we drove out toward Corona, taking the back roads and arrived at the location where the thing, whatever it might have been, hit.
Brazel got out of the truck and pointed to the ground at his feet… No, there wasn’t a bit of debris there now. He just said that this was where he’d found a couple of the scraps.
I took a couple of pictures with Don and Bill standing there (which might be the only pictures of one of the prime witnesses on the actual debris field… and the pictures have been copywritten, reproduction is prohibited.)
Brazel then explained where it had hit, how it had scraped along the ground, leaving a narrow neck that widened to about ten feet and then tapered again as if it had skipped. The ground was scraped to about a foot or so deep and Brazel said that it had taken a couple of years to grass back over.
No, I really don’t want to discuss all the variations about this and how Jesse Marcel never said anything about a gouge… Though “Reluctant,” Karl Pflock’s witness who was really Walt Whitmore, Jr., talked about an area of disturbed ground he had seen in one of his versions of events.
Anyway, it was Bill Brazel who showed me the site so I figure that I must have it right. (Please note these are two different pictures, though taken about the same time.)
When CUFOS did their archaeological site survey out there, we planted those little “utility” flags along the ground in a line about a half mile long where it seemed that Brazel had said the thing skipped. When we left, we pulled up all those flags, not wanting to leave anything behind that would annoy the ranch owners who had kindly allowed us to make the survey.
Archaeological dig on the ranch..

??Sometime after that, Bud Payne, a Lincoln County judge who said that he had seen the military out there doing something, took us, meaning Don, Paul Davids, Robert Hastings, and me out to the site. As we got out of the truck, I looked down and saw one of the flags we had missed.
In other words, Bud Payne put us on the same stretch of New Mexican desert as did Bill Brazel. That would seem to confirm the location as given to us earlier.
Tommy Tyree, who worked for Brazel, told us of riding the range with Brazel when he pointed down into a sinkhole that had water in the bottom. Floating on it was a bit of debris… and before you ask, no, we didn’t find the sinkhole, Tyree didn’t know precisely where it had been, and the water would have been long gone (and the hole probably filled in). But he gave us directions out there and it was on the same bit of range as that shown to us by Bill Brazel.
(Off on a tangent, because I know people are going to start asking all sorts of questions… We were unable to locate the sinkhole and figured the sides had collapsed in the forty years or so before we got there. When we did the site survey, we dug around the roots of plants that looked old enough to have been there when the crash happened… We looked into animal burrows, hoping to find a scavenger that had found a bit of the debris… We used metal detectors and even tried an aerial survey in a rented plane… and no, we had no success in any of that.)
The real point here is that I’m certain we were in the right place because it is the place the witnesses took us to… independently of one another. True, there could have been some discussion over the years about the location among these various witnesses, but the point is Bill Brazel showed it to Don and me. I am not aware of him showing it to anyone else (though he certainly could have, I’m just not aware of it).
So, when people tell me I’ve got the wrong place, I wonder what is the source of their information. It didn’t come directly from Bill Brazel as did the information that I have. It didn’t come from a first-hand source, as did my information. It might have been derived some something that was told to me, or something that I, or Don, said, or from people we took out there said, but as far as I know, the two of us are the only two Brazel took out there. We have the right place.

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Was a UFO Spotted over Thunder Bay? – Net Newsledger

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Net Newsledger
Was a UFO Spotted over Thunder Bay?
Net Newsledger
A local resident has put up a video online of what is said to be an unidentified flying object (UFO). Is it? That may be up to you to determine. The videographer states, “This unidentified flying object was seen and recorded in the sky above Thunder
Alleged UFO Plunges Into Sea by San AntonioUFODigest

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ufo – Google News

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The Gold Price Conspiracy Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You to Know About – The Market Oracle

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The Gold Price Conspiracy Uncle Sam Doesn't Want You to Know About
The Market Oracle
That much was revealed in a diplomatic cable recently uncovered by Wikileaks. According to the 2009 cable from the US embassy, China believes the United States and Europe have, as a matter of policy, suppressed the price of gold to discourage its use

wikileaks – Google News

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