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Crash Go the UFOs: Falling Skies in Canada

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Diligent researcher Isaac Koi has published on his blog some details about some unusual space debris that was found in northern Saskatchewan in 1968. It was the largest piece ever found to that date, and was definitely considered to have come from space. However, the Canadian military and government could not definitively explain what it was from.

Koi got the docs and photos from a collection of UFO-related material held by the Canadian National Archives and made available online.

I have noted before that this is not “Disclosure” because the Canadian government has been making UFO docs available for decades at the Archives in Ottawa. It’s only recently that they scanned several thousand docs and put them online.

Anyway, I replied to Koi in Errol Bruce-Knapp’s UFO Updates and noted the found space debris was one of a number of known, documented crashes of objects in Canada.

Here’s my updated, annotated list:

Known and documented Canadian “UFO crashes” include:

March 15, 1960
A U-2 spy plane made a forced landing on Wapawekka Lake in northern Saskatchewan.
Few people know that there was another U-2 incident other than that of Francis Gary Powers. It’s a good thing that Flin Flon was more friendly than Russia. As far as we know, no one saw the U-2 make the emergency landing in Saskatchewan, which might have resulted in a UFO report.

June 22, 1960
An object is seen to fall into Clan Lake, Northwest Territories.
The RCMP officer who met the witness recalled in 2010 that he was a reliable and trustworthy individual, not prone to exaggeration and well-liked in the community. If it was a meteorite under the water of significant size, you’d think the scientists would want to recover it.

October 4, 1967
A bright object was seen by several witnesses to fall into Shag Harbour, off the coast of Nova Scotia.
Called “Canada’s Roswell,” it’s actually a bit better because we have official docs that something really happened, unlike Roswell.

October 17, 1968
Fragments of a “space vehicle” found near Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan are received by the NRC.
Koi notes that this chunk of metal was the largest such debris found to that date, and yet it still didn’t make it into any list of known space debris recoveries.

January 24, 1978
Cosmos 954 crashes into northern Canada, mostly near Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories but also, of course, Saskatchewan.
This radioactive Russian spacecraft was seen to fragment and fall over a very wide area in the largely uninhabited Canadian north. Still, radioactive debris was painstakingly tracked, located and taken to the Whiteshell Nuclear Research Establishment in Pinawa, Manitoba, for examination. Aboriginal people throughout the area were given medical examinations and tested for radioactive contamination.

The significance of the above events is that each has official documentation and was investigated by authorities. The U-2 was technically not a crash or a UFO incident, but it’s interesting it took place in a region where other events are now know to have occurred. Largely uninhabited, what else might have happened in the Canadian north that is yet to be discovered?

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The McKnight Affidavit and the Roswell Crash

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

It seems to me that if a skeptic writes something that is anti-UFO, it is accepted as fact immediately. If a proponent writes something that is pro-UFO, it is rejected immediately. There is no criticism of the anti stance, just acceptance of it all and no acceptance of the pro stance, just a rejection of it.
Such is the case with the McKnight Affidavit. Philip Klass, in his monumentally inept The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup, wrote, “Important new evidence to further challenge [Frank] Kaufmann’s story emerged in early 1997 in the form of a sworn statement by Jim McKnight whose Aunt Florence owned the ranch on which the flying saucer allegedly had crashed. McKnight’s father owned the adjacent land. (McKnight’s affidavit, dated February 3, 1997, was obtained by officials of the Roswell International UFO Museum, in response to Randle’s challenge to the “new Ragsdale impact site” west of Roswell.) In McKnight’s affidavit he said, “No one in my family had any knowledge of such a [UFO] crash or military retrieval… I cannot believe that a convoy of Army trucks and cars could have come and gone without them noticing. If they had seen it, they would have told us about it” [emphasis in original].
No one pointed out the obvious flaw in Jim McKnight’s thinking which was, simply, if it had happened “they would have told us about it.” Well, maybe not. Families do keep secrets from one another, especially when they believe they are protecting their relatives.
The second flaw that is not so obvious, and not mentioned by Klass, is that Jim McKnight didn’t live in Roswell at the time of the event. If he wasn’t there, then he certainly could be telling the truth, as he knew it. He could honestly believe that nothing happened because he had seen nothing himself and heard nothing about it from the family. However, that is not quite the same thing as him having been in a position to see anything and report on it. If he wasn’t there, then how does he really know who saw what?
Klass continued with his speculations based on limited information. He wrote, “If there had been a military convoy, including a large crane to recover the crashed saucer, as Kaufmann claimed, it would have passed within a hundred yards of his Aunt Florence’s ranch house, McKnight told me during a telephone interview on March 21, 1997.” (McKnight ranch as seen in 1991).
All well and good, but how does McKnight or Klass know the route taken by the military to get to that site? How does he know that it would have passed within a hundred yards of the house?
Klass noted, “According to McKnight, although his aunt then resided in Roswell, where she taught school, during the summer months she usually [emphasis added] lived on the ranch.”
So, according to what Klass had been told, McKnight’s aunt might not have even been there in July 1947. She might not have been in a position to see the military as they passed within Klass’ estimated one hundred yards.
Klass wrote, “His aunt employed a hired hand to look after the ranch. He lived there permanently. Furthermore, there was no roadway west of the McKnight ranch that the military convoy could use to reach the ‘impact site,’ because of a macho [this I believe is a reference to Macho Draw] – a large creek be that often flooded. It was not until 1960 [emphasis in the original], according to McKnight’s affidavit, that his aunt ‘hired a bulldozer to build a crossing,’ over the macho that would enable cars to reach the Kaufmann ‘impact site.’”
Of course, the military convoy wouldn’t have worried about roads nor would they need one to get somewhere. The military vehicles were built to operate on rugged terrain without benefit of roads. Besides, the desert out there is fairly flat and military vehicles would have been able to cross it without a lot of trouble. I remember driving cars across some of that desert without much trouble (and, of course, I remember having difficultly getting cars passed some of the dips and turns in the alleged roads there).
The fact that the road today… or rather in the early 1990s, came within a hundred or two hundred yards of the decayed and collapsed ranch house is actually irrelevant. The military didn’t need roads to travel across the desert. If the road wasn’t there, then Klass’ estimate of the distance to the house is also irrelevant. Of course, none of the skeptics noted this.
McKnight said, “Never, never did the subject of such an event as the Roswell Incident come up for discussion. I know the people who settled in that harsh environment… No amount of military threats would have silenced them, especially when they talked among themselves.”
Then, not happy with just suggesting that nothing happened out in that area based on the testimony of a single man who wasn’t even there at the time, Klass wrote, “Several of Randle’s still-credible witnesses had recalled seeing a military patrol near Highway 285, seemingly positioned to keep any unauthorized visitors from turning off and driving to the ‘impact site’ on the McKnight ranch. But, if there had not been a UFO crash on the McKnight ranch, then the recollections of these witnesses were seriously flawed…”
Believing the single witness who was not there, Klass now rejects the testimony of witnesses who were there based on the single witness beliefs. If a single witness tells the story the skeptic wants to hear, then the single witness is believed and all other witness testimony is rejected.
I know the question being asked now is, “Why bring all this up today?”
Well, for one thing, I’m tired of being attacked for sloppy research when the evidence against my research is rather thin. In other words, I am defending my reporting of the facts (or to prevent a long and convoluted discussion, the facts as reported by various witnesses).
But there is a second reason. While in Roswell, I learned of a local who talked about the Kaufmann impact site. This witness said that her family, the McKnights, who were related to the Corns who owned the land in the 1990s… said that when the crash happened, one of the McKnights went over to a neighbor and asked them if they wanted to see the “little people.” Before they could get out there, the military had sealed off the site.
Why is this important? Well, it refutes the McKnight affidavit that Klass relied on. It refutes the idea that the family didn’t talk about this among themselves. It refutes the idea that the military couldn’t get out there without the McKnights knowing… well, they couldn’t because the McKnights did know.
At this point I just don’t want to reveal the source and I understand that skeptics and proponents alike will reject this story simply because there is no name attached to it. Right now I am comfortable with that. Right now, the name of the source is not important… What is important is that skeptics and debunkers accepted the McKnight affidavit without critical comment.
And, no, I am not suggesting that we reevaluate the Kaufmann story nor am I offering this as evidence that Kaufmann may have had some sort of inside knowledge. I am only suggesting that Klass et. al. rejected testimony from Bill Rickett, Willliam Woody, and Walt Whitmore among others who said they saw military vehicles parked on the roads leading off Highway 285 because Jim McKnight knew nothing of a crash. Klass’ conclusion that their memories were flawed was itself flawed.
And no, this does not take us to the extraterrestrial. It merely means that Klass’ analysis of the situation is flawed, but I have seen nothing from the skeptical side questioning what he wrote. One man, who wasn’t there in 1947 said nothing happened and Klass believed him. Those who were there in 1947 and who saw things themselves are rejected because, certainly, nothing could happened and therefore those who report it did, have flawed memories.
And maybe it’s Klass who should be accused of sloppy research. He got the answer he wanted and stopped looking. Those of us who understand proper research realize there is always another question to ask. That’s the only way to really do it. That’s how we get to the truth and not just what we want to believe.

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Defence chiefs must be called to account – The Guardian (blog)

Written by Seraphin. Posted in WikiLeaks in the news

Defence chiefs must be called to account
The Guardian (blog)
WikiLeaks cables: David Cameron is greeted by troops at Patrol Base 2 between Lashkar Gah and Gereshk in Afghanistan. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images "There are moments when I wake up and read the newspapers and think: 'I tell you what,

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wikileaks – Google News

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“ET life inevitably exists due to universal laws, and we’ll soon discover it…”

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

An interesting recent interview (7th July, 11 minutes) of Dr. Andrey Kinkelstein, the Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Applied Astronomy, about the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years, humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans…. This biologic issue of [...]
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Journalists who shun UFO reports fail readers – Columbia Daily Tribune

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

Journalists who shun UFO reports fail readers
Columbia Daily Tribune
For more than 60 years, innumerable well-documented reports have been made of sightings, landings and crashes of unidentified flying craft, commonly referred to as unidentified flying objects (UFOs). They undoubtedly are under
Three UFO sightings reported in GwentSouth Wales Argus
County sighting listed in UFO archiveOxford Mail
National archives list UK UFO investigationsBirmingham Mail (blog)
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ufo – Google News

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SETI Plans To Resume Listening For Aliens Next Month – NPR (blog)

Written by Seraphin. Posted in Seti

BBC News
SETI Plans To Resume Listening For Aliens Next Month
NPR (blog)
SETI says that its Allen Telescope Array will be back online in September, thanks to funding secured from online donations. The array is seen here, adjacent to a cow pasture in Hat Creek, Calif. SETI says that its Allen Telescope Array
With Jodie Foster's Support, SETI to Resume Search for AliensThe Atlantic
Telescope search for ET revivedBBC News
SETI gets back to workUbergizmo
Ecorazzi -The Week Magazine -International Business Times
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seti – Google News

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Fort Worth Witness Claims 2 Sighting On 8/5/2011 and 8/14/2011

Written by Seraphin. Posted in UFO's in the news

Photo capture from video.
Note: Lights in lower portion of photo – billboard (near lower center);
house lights (lower right corner).


I received this emailed report from a witness in the North Fort Worth, Texas area.  Report is “as is”, with no corrections. -SW


Enlargement of blue object.

North Fort Wort area, 8/5/11 and 8/14/11
8/5/11 around 9:30pm my 31 year old son and I saw two different “lights” flying somewhat erratically. The larger object was mostly white and the smaller had a distict blue tone. They both seemed to pulse and rotate not rythmically though. There were 3 times that night that the large white pulsing object appeared within a span of around half an hour. The 2nd time it had vanished behind the roof line of the houses behind us, we saw it seconds later just hovering for a good 2 – 3 minutes over near DFW airport. When it returned the 3rd time is when the blue one showed up. My son grabbed his cell phone from the house at this point and recorded it. There is a lit up billboard over on Denton Highway that shows up along with a window lit up on the house behind us that gives two fixed points to use for reference. These things were to our south and east and viewed between the 2 fixed points. There is a plane that flew through the picture and you can definitely see the difference between it and the other two objects! I posted the video on my facebook page, [Name withheld by SW/LITS]*

Last night, 8/14/11 around 9:15pm, we were grilling out in the back yard, I started out the back door and saw the blue orb following behind a plane that had taken off out of DFW and was already pretty high in the sky. It stayed behind the plane for a second or two and then broke away and did some rather bizarre maneuvers. Most of the time, it was too high up or distant to show up on my son’s cell video but It got really bright at one point, the blue light had white on top and beneath it and at another point it came much closer to where we were and those two times it did show up a bit.

We have been wondering if anyone else saw this either night.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Note:  I have emailed the witness but have not yet received a reply.  If the witness will send me the video, I will post it here.

Posting the witness’ Facebook page would reveal their identity and until they give their approval to release that information, they will remain anonymous.

If you are in the Forth Worth area and observed these lights (objects) on the listed days, or at any other time, please contact me. – Sunny


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