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Touched – Part 1 – The Beginning, A True Story

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at www.Youtube.com/UFOTVstudios Also available on DVD at www.UFOTV.com. UFOTV, all rights reserved. … UFOTV Unknown Mystery UFO Aliens ET …


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Daily UFO Headlines 1/6/11

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Starlike light moving eratically seemed to be west of mountains near Emmittsburg, MD.

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While walking my dogs I noticed a star MOVING! I watched closely as it was not a plane on any of the trails they usually followed and I have never seen anything move like this before.
It didn’t seem to be following any particular course as it moved in sharp rapid arcs and very fast yet short zips for lack of a better description.
It always seemed to remain fairly close to the same position or if it moved very far at all, it would work its way back to near its starting point. It also would move in short swings to and fro and seemed to receed downward or back to its begining place after it would move seemingly upward. After watching it for some minutes I noticed a second light which seemed to be sparking to life near the first or main light. This second light never attained the same brightness as the first and “fizzeled out”
shortly after showing up. Shortly there after, the main light seemed to also “fizzel out” and disappeared.
My wife was with me for the last 5 minutes of this observation and saw the same thing I saw as it was happening.
I was in my yard near Taneytown, MD.
The light was at approx. 15-20 degrees elevation to my WNW just south of the lights of Ski Liberty above the mountain crest.
It never traveled more than approx. 1.5 to 2 degrees from where I first saw it but it moved in ways I cannot explain.
I will be watching for it again tonite 1/6/11 after dark.

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Poll result: UFOs – is the truth out there? – The Daily Post

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The Daily Post
Poll result: UFOs – is the truth out there?
The Daily Post
After previously secret government documents were released about Rotorua and Bay of Plenty UFO sightings, a poll on this website asked visitors if they

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UFO Down-Under Vol.3 Clip-04 – Night UFOs flare-up, fade out or zip off

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video stabilisation and image enhancements UFO Down-Under DVD Vol.3 Original Video footage and music compilation copyright Barry Taylor – Night UFOs flare-up, fade out or zip off quickly. These are overhead over town. Part of the 1990′s UFO Wave.

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UFOs Then and Now Cause for Alarm pt2

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A review of famous UFO events: the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico crash; the 1952 Washington DC mass sighting; the 1967 Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia and 1980 RAF Bentwaters incidents.
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I recorded this from a camera link that BP no longer has listed on their website. The black substance I believe is some type of living organism and can do some very strange things… I believe that some of what looks like crude oil is actually alive I have seen it break apart into very small pieces that were swimming around and then it comes back together and moves as if it were one… Just another piece of this very strange puzzle that makes up what is going on in the Gulf. I was just going to time lapse this to 15 minutes but that really makes the video go to fast and makes it hard to see so I made 4 videos instead. Oplease watch them and then comment and let me know what you are thinking about all of this. Thank you…
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Aquarius : The Age of Evil pt 2

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Venus, NIbiru or UFO

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I have been watching this bright star/planet since April. It hasn’t moved it’s there every night. It also seems to be getting bigger. Is it Venus. It cud be the mythical nibiru. Comments please thanks
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Daniel J. Gansle personally introduces his new book, 2012: Day of Reckoning, and explains the reasons why he wrote it. Who were the ancient Maya, and what exactly did they believe? What did they REALLY say about the year 2012? Are the predictions of doom true, or is there a new spiritual awakening on the horizon? Chapter 1: What’s the Big Deal About 2012 Chapter 2: Who Were the Ancient Maya? Chapter 3: Unlocking the Maya Codices Chapter 4: Decoding the Maya Calendar Chapter 5: Stargazing with the Maya Chapter 6: UFOs, Extra-Terrestrials, and the Dawning of a New Age Chapter 7: Nostradamus and the Great Galactic Alignment of 2012 Chapter 8: Planet X/Nibiru Chapter 9: Pole Shift and Geomagnetic Reversal 2012 Chapter 10: Novelty Theory, Timewave Zero, and The Singularity Chapter 11: Threats from Space Chapter 12: Threats on Earth Chapter 13: 2012 and the Bible Chapter 14: 2012: Day of Reckoning www.amazon.com

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Year of The UFO? Let’s Get Real

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