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The Secret – UFOs and MJ12 – The Bullet Version

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MJ-12 refers to an elite TOP SECRET military group called into action by United States presidential order to investigate and conceal real alien ET UFO encounters. For more information on this topic we recommend the film #U661 The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone – 3 DVD Special Edition now available on DVD at www.UFOTV.com. UFOTV, all rights reserved.

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A. Collier – Earth Transformation 2010 – 02

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Alex Collier – Earth transformation Conference Hawaii – 02 – January 7-10- 2010 – (Spanish subtitled) – (10 blocks). Alex Collier – Conferencia sobre la transformación de la Tierra – Hawai January 7-10 2010 – Subtitulado en español – (10 bloques). Vídeos y texto importados del sobresaliente canal del usuario ‘Excretandote’ a quien agradecemos efusivamente su labor de difusión así como el subtitulado y la traducción de los documentos: www.youtube.com Conferencia Earth Transformation producida por Exopolitics Institute el 9 de enero del 2010 en Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Alex Collier expone y hace referencias a los sucesos que están aconteciendo en el escenario mundial, los cambios que se encuentran en nuestro horizonte, y las decisiones que necesitamos tomar como humanidad. Comparte nueva información de su experiencia de contacto con los Zenetaeanos (Andromedanos), y por sobre todo, le da énfasis a la disposición de orientación a la humanidad por parte de razas extraterrestres benevolentes. Text imported from: www.truthcontrol.com Alex Collier currently has contact with an ET race known as the Andromedans. Alex has produced many interviews and documents sharing this ET perspective. Alex Collier claims to be a contactee with the ET race known as the Andromedans from the star system Andromeda. He describes this race as human beings that have a slightly blue tint to their skin as a result of the planet they live on. Alex says the Andromedans are more spiritually and technically

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UFO – Rendlesham Forest -DEUTSCH- (N24)

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Das ist nur der Teil über Rendlesham Forest von der Doku… Bessere Infos unter: exonews.blogspot.com exopolitik.org Info zur Doku: Legenden der Vergangenheit Sinnestäuschung/N24 UFOs über Großbritannien: Im Süden Englands beobachten Soldaten der US-Air Force im Dezember 1980 merkwürdige Lichter in einem Wald. Sie finden rätselhafte Spuren an Bäumen, Löcher im Boden und messen erhöhte radioaktive Strahlung: Ein UFO soll in Rendlesham Forest gelandet sein…

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4 of 11. Richard Dolan. X-Conference 2010

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Richard Dolan’s lecture at the 6th Annual X-Conference, held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on May 8, 2010. The title, “UFOs: Past, Future, and Beyond,” discussed the evidence for the reality of UFOs, the pressures to maintain secrecy, why the end of secrecy is inevitable anyway, and how the end of UFO secrecy will change our world. Thanks to Exopolitics Denmark.

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UFO Sightings over New York City (Manhattan 10/13/2010)

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13th October 2010 Authorities have no answers about the mysterious object floating over Manhattan. What could it be?? Hope you enjoy the video.

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Sorry, TFH is busy.

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Impact: UFO: Non Fiction Set B

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(sg) white light not a star it was moving up the sky not down to earth

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I was with my 2 cousins at flax pond and we were just walking by, and i told them to just look at the sky and we just were looking for like a good minute as we were walking into the basket ball court and then me and my other cousin had seen a white objest and atfirst it seemed like a star from a distace . out of nowhere the star moved in a C motion like from the bottom of the C to the top it all happened in too seconds… my first reacton was shock all 3 of us staired into the sky in utter fear .. i tried to convice them it was a coment or astrode anything but the fact that it was in one spot at first then moved up the sky and not down to earth…it was white circle looked like a star but it hd a white flma e like a tennis ball in fire but all like white.my feelings to this is i need is shock , im still in schock this happened last night.ive been thinking of it ever since. i lost sight of it wen it disaperd all within 2 seconds of noticing it , it just vanished …

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Top 20 Scary Movies About Aliens or UFOs

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Previously, I’ve posted lists of the best and most interesting UFO movies, but for Hallowe’en, here’s a list of the Top 20 Scary Movies About Aliens or UFOs:

1. Alien (Aliens, etc.)
- Well, you kind of have to go with this one. The “boo” factor was at its highest for the first, and declined after that. We’ll see how the prequels go.

2. Signs
- Again, mostly for the “boo” factor of waiting for the aliens to break into the house where Mel Gibson and his clan are holed up.

3. The Fourth Kind
- Even though IT DIDN’T REALLY HAPPEN, PEOPLE!, this Paranormal Activity-style film got many viewers riled up over what the aliens do to abductees.

4. The Day the Earth Stood Still
- The classic original film frightened audiences because aliens are unstoppable, all-powerful and wise compared with us humans. But we knew that already.

5. District 9
- So good, I went and found the original short film and was impressed by it, too. Aliens suffer indignities in a South African refugee camp. Like everyone else.

6. The Day of the Triffids
- A meteor storm creates walking plants that want to eat people. ‘Nuff said.

7. Village of the Damned
- The creep factor in this version of the Midwich Cuckoos was high; the scenes where children with weird eyes stare at you are chilling. Every teacher’s nightmare.

8. Knowing
- It’s the end of the world as we know it, but kids don’t seem all that worried for some reason.

9. Communion
- Whitley Strieber goes crazy as aliens haunt his life. Did you even have the feeling you were being watched?

10. Fire in the Sky
- What happened to Travis Walton when he disappeared for several days? He was in an alien goo-filled egg sack, of course.

11. The Mothman Prophecies
- Completing the trifecta of “based on real events” movies (with Communion and Fire in the Sky), this story is the original “Men in Black” tale, done creepy-style.

12. The Abyss
- Close Encounters done underwater. Most of the scariness comes from the crazed human psychopaths trapped with the scientists, but it counts anyway.

13. Dreamcatcher
- Truly awful film that tried to include every alien/UFO meme imaginable, and then some, but many people were scared (maybe for the wrong reasons)

14. The Thing From Another World
- The original film produced shivers (mostly for the Arctic scenes) as tension built. Is the alien’s severed arm moving…?

15. The X-Files
- The first movie found Mulder and Scully battling bureaucracy as well as killer bees, and our heroine ends up in a vat of goo (Note: recurring theme in alien movies).

16. Horror Express
- A frozen “fossil” being transported by train comes back to life, and Telly Savalas stands between it and the rest of world.

17. The War of the Worlds
- The original movie was a Cold War analogue playing on the fear of the Martians who cannot be stopped by good old American know-how.

18. Predator (Predators, etc.)
- An unstoppable alien warrior wants to play war games with CIA and Army Commandos in the Central American jungles. Can Arnie save the human race?

19. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
- The movie that asked the question: “Do your neighbours seem a little strange?”

20. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
- The origin of the government cover-up theme, as only the elite must know that aliens want to land in Wyoming.

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